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Menu-Safe System HACCP & GHP

Menu-Safe is another GHP and HACCP food safety management system designed for hospitality and food service that was developed by HACCP experts, approved by the EU and acknowledged by Codex Alimentarius.
The system has been recognized at industry, academic and government levels worldwide, and can receive full and internationally accredited HACCP certification, compliant with Codex HACCP requirements and in line with ISO auditing standards.

Every pack includes the following:

  • GHP and HACCP Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs): interactive and colored guides to common kitchen practices for Good Hygiene Practices (GHP), Cooking, Cooling, Cold Preparation, and the Management of food safety.
  • Record-keeping diaries: a simple yet highly effective method of HACCP record keeping designed to meet the practical demands of the hospitality and food service environment.
  • One easy-to-use Implementation Guide
  • A set of individual employee training Passports
  • Two Food Safety Books, one for basic level and one for intermediate level.

The system is introduced to food businesses through a one-day implementation workshop provided to the business food safety manager or to the Person In Charge (PIC) who will then have to implement it, manage it and maintain it.