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Layout Design and Review of Food Premises

The first step for a food business in order to achieve high food safety standards is to carefully plan the layout of the food areas and the equipment in the most efficient manner.

We will assist you design the most suitable layout depending on the type of your business, its size and its location.

Our consultants will sit with you and your kitchen designer to carefully study the layout of the food facility you are planning to construct or the layout of your current food facility and will assist you meet the food safety requirements as set by local and international standards.

We will review all the points that affect the efficiency of your layout with focus on:

  • The site and location of your business: this will be chosen based on the capacity of service required.
  • Spatial planning: adequate space must be provided for food and equipment storage, food preparation, movement of staff, equipment, materials and waste, etc
  • Flow of work: must be continuous with physical separation of the high-risk ready-to-eat food products, equipment, utensils and tools.
  • The structure: the floors, walls, ceilings, lighting, utensils and equipment, food contact surfaces, temperature and humidity, pest control, utility and mop room, laundry, employee facilities, receiving area, dry storage area.
  • Food preparation and storage facilities: chilled and frozen storage facilities, cooking and hot holding facilities, food displays etc.
  • Pot washing and dishwashing facilities
  • Personal Hygiene facilities
  • Ice supply facilities
  • Other business specific facilities