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Food Saf-T commitment program Design and Implementation

This program has been designed to meet the need of small and medium Food Businesses who wish to adhere to local food safety rules and regulations and to comply with the Food safety inspections conducted by inspectors of the local authorities.

Designed to integrate Commitment, Control, Communication and Competence, It has proven to be a successful tool to enhance the food safety culture of the business and to ensure continuous improvement in overall performance, hence achieving the highest scores of inspections conducted by Local Authorities and earning the finest awards.

The system will be implemented in 5 steps:


Initial Food Safety Based Kitchen Inspection – to cover the major structural gaps.


Level 2 Award in Food Safety training conducted for food handlers in order to raise awareness among them and get better results.


Level 3 Award in Supervising Food Safety training conducted for at least 2 supervisors in order for them to implement and monitor food safety within the establishment – It can be substituted with PIC3 for Dubai based food businesses.


The implementation of a Food Safety Management System based on HACCP where our consultant will study the need of your establishment and advise on the most suitable solution for your food business between Safer Food Safer Customer or “HACCP-MENU-SAFE, U.K”.


Consists of follow-up Food Saf-T-Based Inspection visits to help the establishment stay in line with food safety requirements, and to stay committed to food safety where each inspection is followed by a progress chart that makes it easy for the establishment to spot any improvement. The inspections can be scheduled at set frequencies based on our consultants on-site assessment.